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Who is Emily

Emily came from London, United Kingdom. Emily is very long time interesting in high quality coffee, healthy and optimal lifestyle, fitness, healthy and really quality food, improvement of lifestyle and biohacking.

Emily love coffee and coffee loves Emily. But, there is no coffee than coffee. There are lot’s of problems with commercial coffee, commonly available in the markets. Over-roasted coffee beans, acid coffee beans, pure quality coffee beans which are only remnants (and waste) accrue from the ground after the completion of the main collection.

Who is Emily from Emily's Coffee
About Emily's Bean Coffee

Emily's Bean Coffee

Pure quality of common available coffee beans was reason, why she ventured into developing her own coffee. Coffee, where she met all the criteria of quality that is characteristic of freshly roasted coffee selection. It takes quiet lots of time. Study of coffee, coffee beans study, cultivation practices, the roasting method, the possibility of a freshness, taste and test the impact on the body. But result was amazing! Emily managed to create a coffee that meet her requirements for the highest quality coffee, it's taste and affects on the body.

We successfully roast premium quality coffee and proudly named it after Emily – Emily’s Bean Coffee.

Emily's Company Mission

Our mission is bring to the people high quality, strong and powerful coffee beans. Coffee, which will make you smile on your face and fuel up with new amount of energy. Emily's Coffee is not only about coffee. After Emily successfully roast her perfect coffee beans, there are new problems. Healthy food, snack's or breakfast's. Emily's Company want to bring you whole new food conception - no preservatives and chemicals, no white and refined sugar, no gluten, wheat, corn, soybeans, no acrylamide and mycotoxins and 100% natural ingredients and healthy form of energy.

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Emily's Cafe comming soon

Emily's Cafe

Emily's Cafe concept is under construction. Stay tuned with us.

Emily's Bean Coffee is available now!

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