Why Emily's Bean Coffee

Emily's Bean Coffee is smooth and light and has a flavor that will make you happy. Emily's Bean Coffee Makes Smile on Your Face :)

Amazing Aroma

Emily’s Bean Coffee consists of 100% Colombian arabica coffee beans. Colombian coffee is known for its rich, mild flavor because of the perfect climate. The body tends to be medium, the acidity vibrant and the cup lively and nuanced by understated fruit tones.

Strong and Powerful

Emily’s Bean Coffee is a medium roast brown in color with a stronger flavor and a non-oily surface. There is more caffeine than in darker roasts. Emily’s Coffee recharge you with new energy and allow you to enjoy the great taste of coffee.

Superior Quality

Emily’s Bean Coffee is hand-picked by honest farmers who are looking for the best and most ripe beans. This type of coffee is qualified as a high grade coffee and delivers the best and highest quality cup of coffee. Our coffee beans are convection air roasted, to get best taste.

Discover all the Tastes

You can enjoy the Emily’s Bean Coffee in many ways like drip, ice coffee, french press, poor over or cold brew coffee. You can prepare perfect cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato. Whatever you like, with Emily’s Coffee you will love it more.

Emily's Bean Coffee is available now!

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Why 100% Arabica?

Emily's Coffee consists 100% from Arabica coffee beans. Reason is, Arabica have much more better taste and aroma, balanced caffeine and better quality than robusta have.

Why Medium Roast ?

Coffee beans roasting is one of most important process. We use convection roasting using only hot air. Medium roast give specific taste balance and uniqe Emily's Bean Coffee aroma, keeping coffee very strong.

Why Colombian Coffee Beans?

Colombian coffee grown by honest farmers is known one of the best and high quality coffee in the world.

Premium brand of highest grade coffee

Emily's Bean Coffee Features

Emily's Bean Coffee - Buy now
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What our awesome clients say

People really loves Emily's Coffee

The coffee beans come in a dark matt black premium looking foil pouch. They weigh 1kg and come packaged with the bonus of free E-Books. The beans are made from 100% Colombian Arabica coffee beans, that provide a medium flavour and richness. I found the coffee to taste quite nice, with no bitter after taste. The found that the beans fresh pressed well and provide a nice energy boost thanks to the caffeine....

via Amazon.co.uk

Arrived quickly and well packaged. I didn’t expect this to be such a huge bag of beans, I was probably expecting about half the size so I was more than pleasantly surprised. There is a robust flavor with a minor bitter after taste. Strength wise its milder than some Colombian coffees, but still has a strong yet subtle flavor that isn't overpowering . The beans consistently make a really decent cup of coffee [I have been using these beans for the past two weeks on a daily basis , several times a day] which can be a problem with cheaper beans. this coffee also produces a beautiful aroma that wafts around my kitchen. All in all I really do love these beans and they will definitely be on my reorder list when it comes time to buy more.

via Amazon.co.uk

The aroma as soon as you open the bag tells you straight away this is quality coffee. The taste itself is smooth as a babies bottom (metaphor), no hint of bitterness and it leaves you with a decent aftertaste. I normally like sugar with my coffee but I find with this particular make it is best to have less as it may overpower the flavour itself.

via Amazon.co.uk

I can't believe what you got for the money!! This is a massive kilo bag of coffee beans that not only are fantastic value for money but is a really great quality product.I personally don't normally like coffee, I'm more of a tea person and my hubby is the one for the coffee, but, this smells so amazing and tastes pretty good too, that's a huge compliment from me! Lol My husband is the professional coffee drinker and he really likes this coffee, as does our friend and neighbour who seems to have mysteriously aqquired half the bag! It grinds easily in an electric grinder and doesn't take long to do. Why would you use instant when you can have freshly ground everyday in a cafetiere or a percolator, much nicer and at this price just as affordable. It's a very smooth and rich coffee with none of the bitter aftertaste that you can sometimes get. This is definitely a coffee to socialise around the table with.
The packaging helps to keep it fresh and it looks very stylish....

via Amazon.co.uk
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